Doing IT right.

Hello! We are a team of people that help your business manage cybersecurity and keep your data safe. We are your fractional CISO, auditor, security administrator, and system engineer. Our clients remain insurable, are ready for bad days, have more good days, close deals faster, engage bigger customers. Your business can do what's reasonable and inspire trust with customers, employees, vendors, investors, and the rest.

Managed Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity management, oversight and assurance for ethical, regulatory, and SOC 2 readiness.

We work with legal, insurance, wealth management and technology providers.

What is Bento Security?

We are a team of information & security managers who watch over your business. We get to know your business priorities, deploy tools to protect your systems, administer your identity environment, and continuously monitor and evaluate the entire security program. In other words, we do security assurance.

Protection from ransomware, phishing, and data loss.

Complete security for every component of popular enterprise collaboration application including Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace.

Virtual CISO & Security Manager

We take the lead on implementing a strategy that will balance convenience & control in a way that makes sense in your business. We see cybersecurity through your eyes and ours.

Continuous Assurance

Reviewing vendors, mission-critical applications, security configurations, policies, controls, backups, and tools is all work that needs to be done - we do it consistently, efficiently, and effectively.


Our awesome features


Develop an information security program for your small company. Use this program to enable sales, encourage business growth, develop trust with current and future customers, and protect your bottom line.

Customer Trust

Demonstrate your committments to protecting data and mitigating disruptions.

Employee Trust

Inspire confidence that your business is resilient against today’s cyber-threats.

Vendor Trust

Limit exposure and manage risks of incidents from your supply-chain.

Support Growth

Prospective employees, customers, and investors care about cybersecurity.

Protect Earnings

Incidents are costly for any company; use readiness to protect the bottom-line.

Provide Proof

Guarantee cyber security insurance payouts in the event you do have an incident.