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Bento Security.

Insurability, Compliance, and Resilience for small companies. We started as an information technology & security management company pushing clients to actively focus on identity, devices, apps, network, infrastructure, and data. Our bespoke approach, on-demand billing, and operating methodologies separated us from competition. Today we lead with cybersecurity management and provide security/system administration along with engineering services for on-premise, cloud, and SaaS.

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Information Security & Technology Management

Bento Security is a information technology & security provider that protects you with bespoke process, enterprise tools, and experienced people. We are disrupting the traditional MSP/MSSP environment with services with cybersecurity at the core and where your data is our customer. Information security management for on-premise, cloud, and SaaS; security administration and engineering; oversight and internal auditing; third-party audit readiness (SOC2); system administration and engineering where you need it most. We work with legal, insurance, wealth management and technology providers.

Our awesome features
Protect e-mail, files, endpoints.

It is important to see results right away and your e-mail system is generally the most vulnerable asset. At the start of our engagement you delegate administrative rights to your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace tenant. In turn, we activate AI powered enterprise e-mail and file monitoring that reduces risks of ransomware, phishing, and identity compromise.

Our awesome features
Organize security program.

Situational awareness is all about knowing what is going on with your security posture and divided into two views: internal and external. We get to know your needs and organize priorities, assets, risks, and operations. Additionally we will focus on your cyber liability, vulnerability to cyber crime, and resilience to business interruptions. We built Bento Assurance HQ to streamline this process. For advanced workloads, we partnered with Vanta to automate compliance.

Our awesome features
Develop and implement methods and tools.

We recommend, implement, and optimize the controls environment. This means you have qualified information technology professionals available to administer the security components but also to help you with your complete information technology needs. Data protection is business protection, and we bring the necessary resources and people to help your company take action. We do the operational work for your or with your designated team.

Our awesome features
Reasonable effort in IT administration and oversight.

Once your systems are configured and running, a mindful audit process what it will take to ensure they do their job as designed. We test your environment and system routinely to guarantee that things work as expected. Most importantly, when nothing happens we have the administrative and oversight effort to show the work and activities that kept information systems safe.

Take ownership of information security

Policy Development

Information security starts with sensible policies that are used by executives, employees, vendors, and IT.

Common Controls

The controls framework spells out objectives necessary for advancing cyber security from fragmented to zero trust.

System Administration

We take actionable steps to harden identity, devices, infrastructure, networks, and SaaS.

Incident Mitigation

Demonstrate to your cyber security insurance carrier company competence.

Collaborative Approach

Our team will work with your existing IT to provide guidance, process improvement, or engineering services.

Certification & Attestation

We help small companies develop functional programs and then validate through certification.