Available on all plans.

Bento Assurance HQ, launched July 1, 2022, is a value-added benefit for all our clients.


We are so excited and proud of Bento Assurance HQ, as it was the final piece to connect our work with our clients.

People and Device Inventory

Software costs, access control lists, device inventory, start and end dates, access review history, and onboarding/off-boarding tasks.

Vendor Management

Application and system inventory, security objectives, risk assessments, procedures, users, tasks, backup and recovery process, authentication system design, and compliance.

Change & Incident Tracking

Classification and priority, incident metadata, incident log, incident management process, post mortem and review.

Policy and Training

Policy templates and recommendations, control relationships, and employee acknowledgement tracking.

Controls & Evidence

Control and implementation tracking, control recommendations, evidence recommendations, and evidence collection.

Operational Tasks

Recurring Tasks link to systems, policies, controls, and evidence and enable operations and security teams to continuously maintain security assurance.