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IT and MSP Assurance

IT and MSPs are flanked by cybersecurity assurance requirements from their own customers and from their insurance carriers. Customers are more frequently questioning supply chain and vendor resilience. Insurance companies are raising premiums and dropping coverage for tech companies unable to prove risk mitigation efforts. With a torrent of helpdesk requests, alarms, and to-dos and razor thing margins IT and MSPs are less likely to solve their own problems as well as they solve their customer's challenges. We help clients trust their tech.

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Third-Party Attestation and Verification.

Our resilience & verifiable trust approach covers policy development, incident response, controls design and development, reasonable safeguards, ongoing validation, and continuous improvement. We help companies prevent their "bad day" from spreading to customers and vendors.

Business Interruptions

Business interruptions can cover loss - or even slow downs - associated with the ability to conduct business. Our resilience approach positions clients to recover systems within established RPO/RTO objects to minimize disruptions to their systems and to their customers.

Data Breaches

Data breaches are commonly associated with external malicious actors or internal data handling. Our resilience approach focuses on mitigating data breaches caused by system glitches and human error through reasonable and verifiable identity, device, and data protection strategies.

Cyber extortion

Extortion payments are made to cybercriminals who disable the operations of a business or compromise its confidential data. Our resilience approach immediately reduces risks with ransomware, phishing, identity compromise and methodically reduces risks with such events.