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Software & Technology.

A sound security assurance program is a cornerstone of any application - or service - holding customer data and relying on customer trust. We help software companies establish fundamental IT governance, incident response, a policy framework, and suitable controls that protect client data from incidents involving people or systems. We have a proven track record with readiness for SOC2 Type 2 Readiness and successful certification.

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Accelerate your SOC2 Readiness & Compliance.

We help tech companies do SOC2 with less effort. We can do this because our team has done it before. Most of us here worked in software development before joining Team Bento. Our experience spans business operations, infrastructure, and cloud.

Organize your information security.

Ongoing and proactive risk management is what this is all about. Your program may already be organized and formalized - even then we can help. Our team and tools help you stay secure as much as promote efficient evidence collection and make audit readiness a breeze.

Accelerate control design.

We all say data security is important, but it's hard to actually prioritize it where teams are small, developers need to make products, and investors want to see returns. That's fine, there is a reasonable balance between security, innovation, and assurance.

Engineer solutions.

We are engineers as much as consultants. This is where the rubber meets the road. Our team will work with you SaaS apps, network, infrastructure, data storage, endpoints, and identities to administer and engineer solutions - not just point out gaps. We do the work.

Readiness as a non-event.

It is possible to have no auditor followups and a transition from one observation period to the next to be as boring as watching paint dry.

Compliance Automation

Your compliance automation solution does not need to change. We'll review policies, clean up controls, and optimize evidence.

System Administration

Our security admins will work with your IT (or fill-in for it) and do the work necessary to administer and test systems.

Evidence Optimization

Evidence tells a story, we help you tell it in a way that is audit friendly, speaks to the root issue, and validates controls along the way.

Deputy Manager

We work tightly within your organization to do cybersecurity. You empower us to do what's necessary to meet objectives.