Cyber Transformation.

Rapidly reduce cyber risk and confidently adopt new digital technologies that support your strategic goals. We take over as much of the IT function as necessary. For some it's purely assurance, for others it's full system administration. Your data protection requirements define how we get the job done. We bring resiliency to your business by supporting you. Our clients own the IT stack and process while we support and enable it all.

System Protection.

The most hazardous threats to your business continue to be identity compromise and ransomware. We partnered with Check Point Software and secure your Microsoft 365 or Google environment quickly against ransomware, account takeover, BEC, supply chain attacks. Our unique implementation extends the solution with Managed Detection and Response.

ICES platform for cloud protection
strategic advice and shared responsibility

Delegated Responsibility.

Traditional cybersecurity management puts responsibility over cyber on the owners (or the board). We share the responsibility with your business and take on strategic and management roles. We make fiscally responsible decisions and help your business reduce, mitigate, and transfer cyber risks.

Segregated Duties.

Business, administration, and security functions are in friendly competition in a healthy business. We work with/without existing IT/MSPs/Auditors to administer security within your applications. We quickly establish and implement bespoke processes to manage your app configurations, administer access control, and promote cyber-aware culture.

defragmenting cybersecurity
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Attestation to Validation.

Business are forced to reckon with the new reality that insurance, vendors, and partners want proof that cybersecurity is managed. We start with attestation - our impartial assessment of your information security - while we establish and maintain an ongoing and proactive effort to manage cyber risk. Together they serve as an immediate statement of commitment and a long-term validation of information security practices.

Bright People.

Without teams managing your information technology and security your business is sure to have gaps. We bring curious, methodical, and mindful people that love the work. Bento Security's most important policy is to retain talented people and that benefits our customers the most and drives mutual success.

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