Security Officer

At the executive level, Bento Cyber Security Professional Services helps align your business with information security objectives. While standards and best practices can be applied anywhere, cybersecurity is as unique as the rest of your company. We function as your virtual CISO/CIO to help you establish a reasonable approach to security assurance.

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Security Manager

Once strategy is in place, security managers create a vision for hiring, building processes, and developing the technology stack. Your Professional Services team has significant experience with running a security and we are able to provide both technical guidance and managerial oversight.

Security Engineers

Technical staff who specialize in SIEM, endpoint security, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Intelligence, and other specific areas of security engineering.

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Supply Chain Risk Assessor

Vendor Management, available to our premium tier customers, is a critical component of cyber security as it looks at risks associated with systems you use, shadow IT, and future implementations. Bento Security tracks multiple vendors used by our technical, legal, and wealth management companies for compliance and security posture.

Support Engineers

Our client support team will help with incident detection, investigation, and response. They may also be involved in planning and implementing security measures and in building disaster recovery plans. Most importantly, they will work with Managed Detection & Response teams to facilitate their work.

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Interested in working with us but not ready to go all in? Let's start with protecting your e-mail from phishing, ransomware, and malware. Our AI driven cloud security solution can be deployed quickly, learn your patterns, and begin protecting your Microsoft 365 or Google environment in a few days. In that time we'll complete a Cybersecurity Evaluation and provide you with a report with recommendations. Click "Get Started!" on any subscription to begin your immersion, or talk to us about your needs.